K&L Cakes and Desserts

October 6, 2020

This is who we are?

K and L was established in 1987 by my mother Margaret Kinsella. She had been a stay at home mom while we were young, which was lucky for us!

Everyday we came home from school we were met by the beautiful smells of home cooking, there were always cakes on the go. Among my favourite memories are, brown bread, apple and rhubarb tarts made on a dinner plate. Sponge and fresh cream fruit flans, Dundee cake, Fruit cake, Queen cakes, Black Forest…

Margaret was sure to use what was ever in season, very often using what was grown in our own garden: rhubarb, apples, carrots, broad beans, peas, potatoes, tomatoes. We also travelled regularly to Grannies, Margaret’s mother’s house in Wexford where she had learned many of her skills. We often came back with home churned butter, eggs, boxes of plums, apples, gooseberries, strawberries, blackberries, large bags of potatoes and enough meat to fill our large deck freezer. All organic, even before we knew how valuable that was………….

As we got older Margaret took up work as a bookkeeper. However, the drive was always there to do something for herself, much like the farming background she came from, people doing it for themselves. She wanted to do the same. Looking at what she enjoyed and was good at K&L (Kinsella and Lynch) was born. Efforts were made to secure customers; samples were made, and local restaurants approached. Bingo, she had secured orders and the process of converting the garage at home into a commercial kitchen began. This was the first chapter in the K&L story