Cupcake Toppers


Cupcake Sheet
12×2″ individual cupcake toppers. Total charge is €9.99 only per sheet- includes Post and packaging to anywhere in Ireland.

These edible icing sheets are suitable for cupcakes 2″ in diameter. There are 12x 2″ discs on each sheet. We can make them smaller to fit cupcakes are not so big just let us know.

We can print any image you want on your edible icing sheet.
We can source most of popular images for you.
If it is a particular image you want or have yourself, upload it when you order.

Otherwise write a note in the order to let us know the image you need.

When Emailing your pictures or images please upload ONLY JPEGs – these are image files. Please no Word documents or PDFs allowed thank you.

These size sheets are suitable for cakes from 10″; 12″; 14″; 16″; 18″ in size. We can make the image on the sheet smaller to fit smaller square cakes. If you need just let us know and we will print a smaller size to suit your cake. You can let us know know on the order form.